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Whitley Neil gin and its flavours

  • 08-Dec-2022

Whitley Neill Gin is a premium quality, handcrafted gin that is inspired by the various wondrous ingredients and flavours from around the world and distilled in the heart of London city. It has eight generations of expertise with heritage dating back to 1762. Each generation through their love for travel and exploration have discovered exotic ingredients that are used in making these unique Whitley Neill gins.

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Gin mainly contains juniper berries, a main botanical ingredient to form the basis of all gins and gives out a distinctive woody, pine flavour. It is infused with various citrus and spices to bring out variations in gin flavours.


Try out Whitley Neill original handcrafted gin that contains nine meticulously selected botanicals from the world over such as juniper berries from North Macedonia, baobab powder from African Savannahs, angelica root from Bulgaria and citrus peels from Spain. These ingredients are distilled in 100-year old copper pot in small batches to produce a beautifully silky, smooth, dry gin that is a connoisseur’s delight. It has a medium body and is not too sweet taste, with a peppery and citrus-sweet nose and a distinctive floral aroma.


Whitley Neill explores beyond the usual, traditional gin botanicals to expand the flavour profile and produce delightful new flavours. Here are a few varieties:

Rhubarb and Ginger gin: Rhubarb adds a crisp, tart edge to a smooth English gin base while the complementing warm ginger spice extract gives a full bodied finish. Sample this with some ginger beer and a twist of lime for a lovely summer evening drink


Whitley Neill Raspberry gin : Launched in early 2018, this gin featuring the delicious Scottish raspberries as its core is one of the hot favourites. It is a medium-bodied gin with fruity taste and crisp finish. The dominant raspberry flavour complemented with the flavours of juniper, coriander and liquorice gives out a delicate sweetness. Try out this gin for your next garden party.


Whitley Neill Aloe Vera and Cucumber gin : Inspired by the raw grandeur of the South African Karoo desert, this delightful gin combines the cool, fresh green, subtle tastes of cucumber and aloe vera to give a fragrant, smooth gin. Perfect for summers.


Whitley Neill Mango and Lime gin : Johnny Neill, an eighth descendant distiller and also the current owner of Whitley Neill was fascinated by his grandmother’s Sri Lankan stories. Inspired by his fond childhood memories, he combined the exotic flavours of the tropic to create the Mango and Lime gin.


Whitley Neill Blood Orange gin : Go for this delicious gin to get a taste of the Mediterranean. Infused with the sweet, citrus flavour of the Sicilian blood oranges and eight other botanicals, this bright coloured gin offers a smooth, crisp taste with dominating orange flavour. The initial sweetness is followed by a complex and slightly tart burst of the oranges and earthy spice with a long finish.


Quince gin : At the turn of the century, Fredrick Neill of the Whitley Neill family, during a voyage through Turkey discovered flavourful quince fruits growing in the old, Persian mountains which was used to make the quince gin. This dominant, distinctive sweet tang of quince is combined with the sweetness of apricots and peaches to give a long fruity finish, which opens out into refreshing orange blossoms and grapefruits. Enjoy this handcrafted, exotic gin neat or mix it with tonic for a lovely afternoon delight.


Pink Apricot gin : Another Persian inspired drink; this latest gin in the collection, is as delicious as it looks. This fruity and flavoursome gin is inspired by the ripe and succulent pink apricots grown in the orchards of Turkey. It has a sweet and fruity notes that gently give way to a tart crisp finish. A great choice for making Aperitifs.


It was noticed that over a couple of years, more and more consumers are trying to reduce their alcohol intake. In order to cater to them as well as teetotallers, Whitley Neill launched four new non-alcoholic gin flavours in October 2022. The new products provide consumers with alcohol-free versions of some of the brand’s popular variants – Rhubarb and Ginger, Raspberry, Blood Orange and Spiced Dry.


All four variants are made with Whitley Neill gin and de-alcoholised using the only spinning cone vacuum column still in the U.K. It boils liquid at a much lower temperature, which ensures that the distinctive flavours and characteristic top notes and not burnt during distillation and are retained well.


So now, whether you would like to enjoy an alcoholic gin or a non-alcoholic gin, there’s one for each one of you in our Whitley Neill gin collection.

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